Meditation For Little Ones – Getting Your Children To Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness – it’s a phrase that you’ve probably heard more than you realise. In fact, with forward-thinking employers offering mindfulness training, mindfulness colouring books available on magazine stands and commuters tuning out the hustle and bustle with mindful apps like Headspace and Calm – you’ll find that mindfulness is actually everywhere! But What is Mindfulness? […]

DBMB crafts

Arts and Crafts – More Than Just Creative Fun

Therapy comes in many different shapes and sizes. For some, visiting a therapist helps dramatically, others benefit from mindfulness practices. There are those that find improvement in their mental health through exercise. These are all well-known for being beneficial, but art therapy is relatively new to psychotherapy and it’s helping many people improve. In the […]

childhood anxiety

Childhood Anxiety: See it Early

Adults can often feel a bout of anxiety coming on and know what to do to overcome it. Even still, anxiety can be nothing short of paralysing. Anxiety can manifest physically; resulting in sweaty palms, heart palpitations and the inability to think or act rationally. Other times anxiety can prevent you from saying what you […]