Do Something Extraordinary in 2019…

January has been a testing time – not to mention it has been never ending. It’s not just a grown up problem but something the kids have felt equally. Lets put ourselves in their shoes… The all time high excitement of the festive season came and went. They’re in the swing of a challenging school term. Facing the most challenging material within the curriculum to date. It’s freezing cold and you’d love to stay in bed until noon.

What is the solution?

It is so easy to take a negative stance on a bad day and write it off as just that. However, if you look hard and take a positive mindset in your recall there will be something good scattered amongst the gloom. A great way to get your child – and even the whole family – into a practice of positive thinking is to use an activity like our Extraordinary Jar activity.

It’s an incredible practice that will turn a simple everyday jar into a capsule of incredible thoughts, feelings and memories that can be opened come the 31st December as a New Year’s Eve exercise of reflection and appreciation on a wonderful year. Not only will this work as a great way to host an extraordinary year of memories, but it will set your children up with a positive and excited attitude to tackle the coming year ahead with even more tenacity and DBMB positive sass and imagination! 

How it works… just follow the recipe!

You can also download the recipe card here – don’t forget you’ll need to use our Bubble Activity sheets for this which can be found in our Activities section. Click here to be transported to get your bubbles!

If one week your child struggles to find a bubble filling highlight of their week this is the perfect time to stop the clock and reset the plan for the coming week in setting a much needed family or friend play + date. This will help your child to stay focused and home in their skills in being able to reflect + correct their mindset in seeking out more positive experience to become their beloved bubbles.

This is your first Extraordinary DBMB Mission of 2019

It will set your little ones on a path of positivity and good practice of great skills that will nurture them as independent thinkers and grateful individuals. An extra mission is to make your jar even more extraordinary by decorating it to make it as unique and fabulous as your child helping them bond further with the activity and ensuring its something they look forward to.

If you find your child is engaging with this practice and find it a complete inspiration then why limit this goodness to just once a week. Schedule a midweek check-in where you perhaps focus on aspirations where your child engages in the core components of our Be Imaginative… section of The Bubble.

Choose a colour that represents bubbles which express your child’s dreams and inventions reverting back to our key Bubble formula. Coming to the end of the year when you reflect on these dreams and wishes is a great way to manage your child’s successes and embrace their failures. Perhaps there is a portion of bubbles filled with dreams that didn’t become reality – checking in on why these were unobtainable is great way to fill your child with understanding of themselves and the world they live in. This can also demonstrate that the things they believe they want aren’t always what they truly want in their heart which is often why we (adults included) don’t stick to our plans. All together a super, easy and on the surface simple activity will get your child into a pattern of wonderful habits.

How About Having a Parents’ Extraordinary Jar

Perhaps have your own jar to go alongside the children’s and add our weekly highlights as a family. Maybe note down things that have made you proud of them that week – this will be a great boost for you to sneak a peak at when those tough days (we all know them too well) come around to remind yourself that not only are your children extraordinary but you are an extraordinary parent!

Share your Extraordinary Jars in Action

We would love to see your marvellous jars, tubs and whatever you decide to make the home of your extraordinary bubbles in action. Don’t forget to share snaps of them in action on our social media channels – perhaps share a bubble or two with the community to encourage others to get collecting those bubbles full of happiness. Send your pictures to… hello@DBMB.co.uk or tag us on our social pages to have your child’s picture turned into an amazing #DBMBArt masterpiece like the example here! Definitely one for the fridge 🙂

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