Harnessing child's creativity

Harnessing Your Child’s Creativity to Calm Them Down

Children seemingly have boundless energy. From the time that they can walk, kids can rip and roar all day long without needing much downtime. When children become hyperactive, it simply means that they haven’t found a creative and positive way in which to channel all of their energy. What adults may see as destructive behaviour is often the result of plain old boredom.

Instead of putting your children on a timeout, see how you can harness their creativity. Next up are several activities and methods that many parents have successfully used to get their children to settle down in record time.

Arts and Crafts for Kids

When finding creative things for kids to do, it is best to have a number of varied choices. First select an area in your home that is going to be reserved for arts and crafts, preferably in a space where you can supervise. Get a spool of fishing line, some colourful beads and perhaps a few necklace clasps so your child can create unique jewellery whenever they are feeling creative.

Paint and paintbrushes, markers, crayons, pencils and pens, crayons, and lots and lots of paper can also be used to inspire your child to paint and colour instead of behaving poorly. There’s also puzzles and simple projects that can be made with household items like empty paper towel rolls and leftover cereal boxes.

Determining What Creative Things your Children Like to Do

While having a lot of different creative choices for your child to select from is important, you will have better luck getting them to calm down when they participate in activities that they like. For instance, a child who regularly has tantrums might be soothed by playing building blocks while listening to calming music. A different child who becomes hyperactive as a result of being bored may be better served by being encouraged to go outside and play with chalk.

Learn what your child likes to do and then incorporate activities into their schedule that will keep them calm, cool and collected. You can find out what these activities are by watching them play or simply asking what they prefer to do in their free time.

Even More Creative Outlets to Consider

Some children will be more than content to open up a box of crayons and use their imagination to tell a visual story. With other kids, other creative outlets are more suitable. Have you noticed your child singing, dancing and generally acting up for anyone who will give them attention? Acting classes and children’s plays are a good choice for kids who thrive off having an audience.

Encourage your child to write, arrange and record their own original songs that they can perform in front of friends and family. These kinds of activities will help your child to excel academically by developing their reading and writing skills, whilst also giving them a way to be creative on their own terms.

Avoid Being Typical

All kids enjoy playing, but they don’t all like to do the same thing. Avoid choosing stereotypical gender-based activities and toys for kids, such as dolls for girls or action figures for boys. Let your child take the lead and show you what makes them happy by giving them various creative things to do. You might learn that your child has a talent for knitting and crocheting simply by giving them a ball of yarn and a book of patterns. Your child might be acting up because the creativity inside is being stifled instead of nourished.

Look for age-appropriate activities that you believe your child will enjoy doing and be happy to focus on when they are feeling hyper or agitated.

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