Don’t Burst My Bubble!

Welcome to your second home

Don’t Burst My Bubble is an online community working to promote positive mental health amongst young children. We provide resources and support for families that will equip young children with the tools needed to face mental health difficulties head on, teaching young people to love and respect their own minds, build healthy relationships and live happy and healthy lives.

Our mission:

Helping young people build a Bubble around themselves that will protect their minds at all times against harm. Helping them to create an unbreakable, happy, strength monster inside them. Which they can called upon in times of need!

Our bubble is built on five key principles and is here to equip young people with the tools to help them build and maintain a curious, confident, imaginative, focused and together mind. By working on activities and techniques which stimulate each area they are growing the overall strength of their own bubble… making it unbreakable!


As a parent, it can be incredibly difficult to understand how to best help your child but the main thing to remember is that:

In an extraordinary mind lives an extraordinary imagination!

Founded on heaps of experience; a lifetime of passion and a healthy sprinkling of creativity, the brand is the brainchild of two extraordinary imaginations: Claire, an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted accredited Art and Assistant Head Teacher and her forward-thinking business partner Siobhan protecting the bubble. There isn’t a better partnership out there that could drive this movement forward. Our aim is to ensure that this topic is at the forefront of the minds of those who nurture the growth of children, from parents to those in pastoral positions of care within communities and everyone in between.

Our Imagination Nest

The journey a parent takes in trying to find the right solution for their child’s difficulties can be a lonely path to walk. We want our Blog – or as we like to call it our ‘Imagination Nest’ – to be your second home. A safe space where problems are explored alongside artistic solution. Acting as the hub for our online community who are experiencing the same challenges in this complicated world of raising children.

Here you will discover an abundance of knowledge and innovative ideas that aim to strengthen your relationship with your child or children and equip them with the tools they need to lead happy, healthy lives. But more than that, we at Don’t Burst My Bubble understand that it isn’t just parents who are intrinsic in shaping children’s lives, as the beautiful proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child”. Our core mission is to provide people with the tools that will enable them to send imagination sparks flying in the minds of youngsters, unlocking their potential and equipping them with appropriate coping practices which will serve them throughout their lives. Whether you are a parent, teacher, childminder, youth group leader, Grandparent or neighbour, you’ve come to the right place and we want to say “Welcome to the DBMB Family!”

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