Valentine’s Day – What Does Love Mean to Kids?

As Valentine’s Day is upon us, love is certainly in the air and top of conversation. Whilst the topic of love is on our minds we want to explore ways of communicating the subject of the ‘L’ word to kids.

This may seem like a silly notion. You’ve been showing them pure love since the day they arrived. Showering them with affection and care in every way you can. However, the topic is much broader than the bond between you and them. There are so many types of love and it can be confusing to understand them. Plus, the consequences they come with. Hey… this is confusing for us adults to suss out, never mind the kids! So here are a few things to consider and explore that will work those super important Bubble muscles. 

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Big Love – Charitable Causes

It is important to help children understand the power of their love on a grand scale. A great way of showing them how powerful their emotions are and how they can help make the world a better place, is to involve them in a charitable activity. There are tons of fun and engaging ways to get your kids involved in good causes. A great starting point is to ask them what they love. If it’s animals there are amazing schemes such as adopting an animal. We don’t expect you to invite a snow leopard to come and stay at your house, do not panic! Charities like WWF run beautiful schemes that allow you to make small monthly donation. In return you will get updates and material about the adopted animal. You can choose from African elephants to Adélie penguins, it’s all up to your little one.

Charity bake sales are a tasty and fun way of getting the kiddies involved. Plus, they’ll love the baking and chance to lick the bowl! You could hold your own at home or in school to raise funds for a single charity close to your families heart. Another options is to get involved in huge events such as the Macmillan Coffee Morning in September. 

Even something as simple as a clear out of your little ones old teddy bears can help. Send on to a charity such as Bearly Loved who re-home beloved bears to children less fortunate all over the world. 

This sort of loving and selfless behaviour will grow your child’s Be Focused &… follow your heart Bubble to unbreakable measures. As they will understand how a personal passion, partnered with love, can make a huge difference to them and others. 

Understanding That Love Isn’t Perfect 

There will be times that Mummy and Daddy are upset with one another, or when siblings don’t see eye to eye. By this this we mean scream at one another about the same toy until turning blue in the face. It’s important to help your children understand that this is totally okay. Just because you disagree with someone, it doesn’t mean that you ever stop loving them. Love is not a state that you turn off and on when you are grumpy or sad. Furthermore, it is often the reason why we make up after rows. 

A great way of helping children understanding the strength of the love they feel towards their family and friends is to properly follow up conflict. This will help their Bubble skill of learning how to Be Curious &… question and ponder. Have your child write down reasons why they were upset or angry; how it made them feel, how it made the other person feel and finally three reasons why they love that person.

This avoids the saying sorry just for the sake of it scenario. Giving them a strong understanding of their own perspective, and that of others, will make your little ones mindful for future situations. Helping them understand that love is a strong emotion that remains no matter what the ups and downs are.

Created With Love – HeArts and Crafts 

Arts and crafts are a fundamental tool in a child’s learning and development. They help to provide a physical representation of lessons. We at Don’t Burst My Bubble are the biggest fans and advocates of this practice. Especially as one of the Bubble Mammas Claire is an Art teacher/ craft superhero. A great way of sharing the love this Valentine’s Day – and any other day in fact because LOVE isn’t just for Feb 14th – is by arty creations. How about trying:

  • Poem writing for a poster design 
  • Card making 
  • A box full of compliments – turn a ordinary shoebox into a home for extraordinary notes of loving thoughts 
  • A hug in a mug – ceramic mug decorating

This will help your kids become super loving, crafty, geniuses in their creations. Also, this helps to work those super important Bubble Segment of Be Imaginative &… invent and create

More Lovely ideas… 

If you like these love filled ideas why not try our Extraordinary Jar mission. Whilst your child is learning about love and trying out these methods they can capture them in their 2019 Jar of extrordianriness. Check out the activity for more details. 

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